Saturday, April 30, 2011

dropped the cake-----

So did you ever have one of those days? I have another 13" round in the oven since last night late not only did the cake Stick to the pan (I didn't listen to the voice in my head telling me to spray it more as it was competing with the other voice in my head telling me to go to bed) it Fell Out of the pan as I was transferring it to the cooling rack. Argh.  So here I am at 5:48 with another one in the oven and the voices in my head telling me to go back to sleep.  *sigh.
On a good note, Ray (hubby) is back from Tuscaloosa after being there to help his mom and sister dig out after the tornado hit their homes.  He  and his dad got home late last night after getting them a generator and food and chainsawing what they could.  Thank goodness for my brother-in-law Ken who was watching the news and recognized the area that the tornado was hitting and got everyone down in their safe place before it hit 15 seconds later.  If not for him it could have been really bad.  Please add the families that this has affected to your prayers.

Friday, April 29, 2011

is heading to the North Texas Cake and Sugar Art Show on Saturday!!!!

Excited about attending the North Texas Cake and Sugar Art Show on April 30th!  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

cakes in the queue:

cakes that I will be making soon- Peas in a pod theme for the baby shower cake. It is for twin girls- there will be pacifiers with ribbons instead of the baby booties.  Elmo will be holding a smash cake for the 1 year old to eat/smash. lol

Felicia's cake and more

Past cakes-

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby shower cake in the works for Sunday----

Gotta love the baby shower cupcakes and cakes!  I am looking forward to my daughter being home from Portland for a week (YAY!) and going to the Cake Show in Dallas with Carla this weekend! She is going to enter some decorated cookies.  Me- I am just going to hope that there are some really good show specials going on for cake pans.  I need some better square pans.....*fingers crossed*
Severe weather coming this way- hope my house and kitchen don't get blown to Kansas.
The truffle filling was a hit-I am adding it to my list of cakes and fillings. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Felicia's grooms cake-

rice cake body, gumpaste horns and hat.  Chocolate cake underneath.  Bride and groom's initials "branded" on its hindquarters. lol

Birthday cakes going to work tomorrow

White cake with truffle filling and chocolate roses- in background red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and to the left lemon cake with strawberry filling.  Top left chocolate cake.  I have been a busy girl!

baby shower cupcakes

These were really fun to do- time consuming but fun!  We dropped these off before the wedding cake-1 hour away.
So we get to the site for the wedding and there is absolutely no parking by the door.  My husband had to take the Navigator off the driveway THROUGH the woods and back up as close as he could to the door.  The cake weighed at least 80 pounds.  We get it in no problem then Ray (husband) accidentally sticks his thumb in the ruffled border.  *sigh.  I whip out my repair kit and voila!  Good as new! Such a relief to get that one done!  Drinks all around! Now maybe I can clean my house and my husband can get some clean socks.....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leigh Anne's wedding cake-no topper yet

Got it done!  It went a lot easier this time since I crumb coated the tiers individually Thursday night, frosted, stacked  and decorated Friday and finished it all up Sat. morning.  I even had time to work out and do some laundry before delivery time!  Yay!  Gonna drop the 6 doz. cupcakes off first to the baby shower, then the Wedding cake then go check out what is happening to the sprinklers at my house. I thought that being a slum lord meant not having to do repairs......

Friday, April 22, 2011

latest cake-

Buttercream with fondant details, rice  treat tires covered in fondant-for Cade's 5th birthday!