Sunday, April 24, 2011

baby shower cupcakes

These were really fun to do- time consuming but fun!  We dropped these off before the wedding cake-1 hour away.
So we get to the site for the wedding and there is absolutely no parking by the door.  My husband had to take the Navigator off the driveway THROUGH the woods and back up as close as he could to the door.  The cake weighed at least 80 pounds.  We get it in no problem then Ray (husband) accidentally sticks his thumb in the ruffled border.  *sigh.  I whip out my repair kit and voila!  Good as new! Such a relief to get that one done!  Drinks all around! Now maybe I can clean my house and my husband can get some clean socks.....

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Crabbywan said...

Way to go, Jenn (and Ray)! They are too cute.