Saturday, July 30, 2011

when in doubt ---start over!

lopsided, cracked icing, limbs falling off, wow, what a time I had with these two cakes!  But, I like them both.  They came out great even though it was slow and painful going.  The Twilight cake top was lopsided from the get-go and I thought I could fix it-but- no. Really---- no. nonononono.  So, scraped all the icing off (and it was already stacked) and began again.  As my husband so sweetly put it "a turd is a turd no matter how much icing you put on it".   Nice.  So- started over and it is quite lovely, not a  turd in sight.

Friday, July 29, 2011

edible printer action!!

So I order a really nice printer and get the edible ink ordered (okay, my husband ordered it all) and we get it all in and the edible ink cartridges don't fit.  He ordered the wrong ones which is Not Typical of him (typical of me- not him).
85.00 down the drain (no, ya can't send them back). argh.  So, we re-order, load them and VOILA!!!! Edible Images!   So damn cool. Sorry for the language but they really are.  So there.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twilight and Elmo

2 birthday cakes in progress- Elmo wouldn't cooperate, his arms kept falling off.  Major krispy treat fail.  So-added modeling chocolate to him.  That worked.  

As for the Twilight cake, have all the components almost ready to go.  Hand- painted gumpaste chess pieces and tulip with hand-painted krispy treat fondant covered apple.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


so this weekend the hubby and I go to a progressive car show.  We take the 1975 Plymouth Trail Duster (678,000 miles) to show off.  The  whole car show starts in one town then all the cars load up and PROGRESS (hence the name) to 3 other towns in a caravan.  Each town hosted us with entertainment and prizes.  In order to enter the prize drawings in each town you had to visit the local downtown merchants and get your ticket punched. All of them.  I spent  a lot of money in the antique shops needless to say. 

My husband figured it all out  at the end of the day- he figured that Women set up the whole rally.  That the women car rally sponsors worked it out so that the men would DRIVE us to each town, WALK with us to all the shops and LIKE it!  HAHAHA! 

I bought this cake stand in Mineola, Texas.  Great shopping in Mineola.  I got it for $22.00.  I just saw the same cake stand on ebay for $200. Gotta love that! The ride was supposed to have only 35-50 participants but more than 200 showed up, wives in tow.  They are going to do it again when it isn't so dang hot!  I personally can't wait----shopping here I come!

Monday, July 18, 2011

how to frost a cake-in case you ever want to know how.....

I use this method THEN I smooth it again with a VIVA paper towel and fondant smoother.

I really don't care for the taste of a fondant covered cake (most people don't).  Buttercream icing made to look as smooth as fondant is the way I roll.  But- I am going to be trying out a new marshmallow fondant pretty soon to see if my fondant decorations can taste better.........

Sunday, July 17, 2011

choppers, cakes and near disasters.....

Another fun filled Saturday.  Ray (the husband) left early to show his custom built chopper off at a car/motorcycle show whilst I was busy making 72 cupcakes and finishing the topper and grooms cake for a 5pm delivery.  We had to Leave the house by 4 to get the cake there.  Well, 2pm comes and the car show has just started judging the cars, then 3pm....(I'm calling every 2 minutes by this point) finally Ray gets his trophy (1st place-of course) and runs home just in time to get the cakes out the door and on the way to the reception.  I have another couple hundred gray hairs---we get there (5 minutes late) and the icing on the groom's cake has SLID off the front and is SOOOO not looking good.  Did I mention that it was 101 degrees outside?   Buttercream and hot sun= NOT GOOD!  I fixed it.
Got it all delivered and then enjoyed a homestyle meal at the Shed in Edom.  Very Tasty.  Only drawback was that the Shed does not offer adult beverages.......oh well........

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

cupcake monogram toppers finished!

I always told my art students to mix WAY more paint than they thought they needed when trying to get a specific color because if you run out--- good luck matching that exact shade again!  Well, in mixing my fondant to make the perfect plum, I didn't make enough....argh.  So, a looong time later, I got it.  Yes, the color is a beautiful shade of plum, it just doesn't photograph as such. Medallions finished.  
Margarita time.

Monday, July 11, 2011

2 of my brides-------with cakes of course!

Getting a picture of the cake is easy. Getting a shot from the photographer....not so much! 

monogrammed cupcake toppers awaiting glitter.

and for anyone that knows me- glitter is anathema to me! But- it looks great on cakes.  Maybe since it is edible it makes it

Saturday, July 2, 2011