Sunday, July 24, 2011


so this weekend the hubby and I go to a progressive car show.  We take the 1975 Plymouth Trail Duster (678,000 miles) to show off.  The  whole car show starts in one town then all the cars load up and PROGRESS (hence the name) to 3 other towns in a caravan.  Each town hosted us with entertainment and prizes.  In order to enter the prize drawings in each town you had to visit the local downtown merchants and get your ticket punched. All of them.  I spent  a lot of money in the antique shops needless to say. 

My husband figured it all out  at the end of the day- he figured that Women set up the whole rally.  That the women car rally sponsors worked it out so that the men would DRIVE us to each town, WALK with us to all the shops and LIKE it!  HAHAHA! 

I bought this cake stand in Mineola, Texas.  Great shopping in Mineola.  I got it for $22.00.  I just saw the same cake stand on ebay for $200. Gotta love that! The ride was supposed to have only 35-50 participants but more than 200 showed up, wives in tow.  They are going to do it again when it isn't so dang hot!  I personally can't wait----shopping here I come!

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