Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Joe vs. the Volcano cake

I was called to make a 30th birthday cake for a guy whose favorite movie is Joe vs. the Volcano.  Great movie and a fun cake to make.  The biggest problem with it was trying NOT to make it look like a pile of poo.  I did the best I could----here it is:

not a pile in sight........oh, it is a devils food cake with chocolate/kahlua icing.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

roses and ruffles cake

I have been wanting to incorporate both the ruffles and the romantic roses for awhile now but haven't had the cake to do it on.  So- cake dummies to the rescue!  I had some cream cheese frosting left over from a cake in the fridge so I pulled it out and used my new ruffle tip (see post below) and my 1M tip to make the roses.  The only problem with the cake dummies is that you cover them with plastic wrap and if you don't wrap them really tight the plastic tends to "droop" away from the sides.  When that happens the frosting will pull away from the sides and slide down (which it did repeatedly)!!!  I actually had to quit because I got so frustrated last night....... I finished it this morning and here it is.  I am going to make this cake for my mothers 80th birthday party cake but with another tier on top with lacy, "embroidered" icing. I think it is really,really cute and would be a fantastic wedding cake for a shabby chic wedding.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Halo cake for Chase age 5

I normally do not do sheet cakes but our neighbor's kid Chase is turning 5 today and they asked me to make a Halo cake for him.  I had No Idea what Halo was so I am glad she brought me a picture.  Chase picked the image out himself.  Once I uploaded it to Photoshop I realized that the image wasn't a really good size for printing out but couldn't find the same picture larger....and even though there were similar pictures- the body armor didn't look exactly the same and that made me nervous because I know that Chase probably is Very Knowledgeable about the series and would spot the differences immediately.  So- thank goodness for Photoshop, I re-sampled the picture, found a free Halo font online-downloaded it, added the text, and printed it out on my edible image printer.    A very simple cake- fun to do and I hope Chase likes it!