Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 down- 2 to go!

I got my jewelry delivered to the gallery at UT Tyler for the show, have both my contest cakes finished and now I am working on my cakes for clients to be delivered Friday morning before I load up and head to Austin for the cake competition with my friend Carla (who is a chef and is entering the tasting contest).

One cake is for baby girl Allyn who is turning 1 this weekend:
and the one above is for February birthdays at Pittsburg Junior High where I used to teach.  
2 more to go!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

cheap steamers and red lights

with the lights on

finally all together!

So I was steaming it to give it a slight sheen to the stocking and the steamer SPIT water on it.  I was so mad!  So I had to spray more black on it to cover the water marks-the stocking was sheer black at first but now-well, it is black.  The back of the stocking is laced up with a bow so you can still tell it is a stocking but that is from the back view.  Cheap steamer-I got what I paid for obviously.  Returning it. argh.

just needs a small buckle

Saturday, February 4, 2012

competition cakes in progress

These cakes are for a competition.
They are carved from styrofoam.  The competition contest rules state that you can use non-edible base cakes as long as they could be made of cake.  Since it would take a team of cake artists a Long Time to make these cakes and the rules state that they can only be the work of one artist, I chose to use styrofoam.  So not only can I Make Both cakes but they can make it in one piece and not go bad.  :)

Cake 1: Christmas Story Lamp with a Carmen Miranda twist.  The lamp will actually work, we got a clapper!  Clap on- clap off- The Clapper!

carving the shade out of styrofoam
armature for lamp cake

adding "pleated" fondant for the shade
airbrushing shade

airbrushing the grapes......

making fondant and gum paste fruits and flowers for top of lampshade

pineapple! Hand- painted (note the real pineapple in the background for inspiration-it was eaten shortly thereafter....).
not done yet- but getting there....
Cake 2: Maisie the Dragon cake
armature for castle

armature for Maisie

Maisie getting filled out with rice krispie treats-yum!
adding modeling chocolate to her head to smooth it out

she's soooo cute!
covering castle in textured fondant to make it look like stone


top of turret-see all the marshmallows on the counter behind it- soooo tempting.  Have I  mentioned that I am a sugar-holic?  Do they have a pill or meetings for that?


on her castle

with tail
Tail fail.  It started to crack!  So it is shored up/patched and drying.  That's a bottle and blue edible pearls holding it up!

Her tiara- because Every girl needs one.
The story of Maisie on a gum-paste scroll. I hand wrote it in calligraphy with a pen and ink (I taught calligraphy to my junior high students for YEARS) then printed it out on my edible ink printer and attached it to the scroll.  I'll add vines and flowers to it next.

My first attempt at sugar work.  These are more 'bling' for Maisie.  They came out kinda sticky feeling-I will try She's getting sugar wings too if I can get it right.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello Kitty leopard print cake

This cake is for a 16th birthday.  The birthday girl loves Hello Kitty and I thought that the leopard print would add even More Cute to the cake.    Hello Kitty is fully edible- made of rice krispy treats and covered with fondant and hand-painted.  The cake is finished in buttercream with hand-painted spots and fondant bow.

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