Friday, May 11, 2012

red candy lips and stiletto cupcakes

Red velvet stiletto cupcakes for the girls at Aesthetica Medical Spa for their open house.

Twyla, Dawn and Leah- the fabulous trio at Aesthetica!

Made a mold from a pair of my heels and then used it to make the heels with gumpaste.  
 Leah ate hers!

I sculpted the lips out of clay, then made a mold of them.  I then made multiple copies from them with molding chocolate, edible paint and some edible glitter and Voila!  

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Rachel Brex said...

Hi just wondering what tip you used to pipe the icing on the stiletto cupcakes?

Jennifer Phillips said...

Hi Rachel- It is Wilton specialty tip # 070. I did a tutorial on how to use it in an earlier post. :)

stephanie said...

Those stiletto heels are fab! I so want to make these but I am still puzzled on how to make a mold. What type of molding compound do you use to make the heel mold?

Jennifer said...

Hi Stephanie,
I used Amazing Mold Putty:

I buy it from Hobby Lobby using a coupon since it is kinda expensive. I have used this stuff for making molds of buttons, lace, heels, and quite a few other items. The putty did not hurt my heel, I used quite a bit and just molded it around the heel part. Once the mold set up I used gumpaste in it to form the heel for my cupcakes. You can also use the heel with a sole to make an entire shoe. You have to let the gumpaste heel dry for about a week. I have made a few to just have on hand in case I get a last minute order and do not have the time to dry one out.
Good luck and if you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask!

Katina said...

I love the stiletto heels I'm wondering if you can answer a few questions I see you posted you use amazing mold putty are you covering the entire heel and the downward piece of the shoe . Once covered and set up do you pull off then cover in gum paste Thanks katina

Katina said...

Okay I think I got it now ! Thanks so very much for responding

Katina said...

I'm sorry a few more questions I hope you can answer when you take the heel out the mold do you wait until it dries to attach it to the sole and one the sole did you cut that off or did you leave it rounded like an actual sole? last question what color did you use to get the gold shoe ? Thanks

Jennifer Phillips said...

I left the heel to dry for a week then used royal icing to attach it to the sole. The RI helped fill in any gaps left between the two. The gold is airbrushed edible gold color.

I am not sure exactly what you mean by "leave it rounded like the sole", but I think you mean the back of the heel---leave it rounded. Yes, I do leave it rounded.If you look closely at the gold heel (the side) you can see that the heel is round like the sole-it matches the curve.