Saturday, July 14, 2012

addison is turning 1!

I have had the privilege of making Addison's mom's 21st birthday cake, her wedding cake, and baby shower cake (for baby Addison -also known as Dot).  I am super excited to have been asked to make her first birthday cake and to be there for the party. The small dragonfly on the smash cake is in remembrance of her Grandma Deloris who is no longer with us.  She will always be missed.


Renee said...

And all those cakes were perfect, just like yesterdays. Cause looking good is only half of it, tasting good is just as important.

Renee said...

All those cakes were perfect, causes looking good is only half of it. They tasted wonderful too.

jenniemar said...

Thanks Renee-
I really appreciate that!