Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brinley's wedding and down and dirty groom's cake. Got your attention with that huh?

Super fun bride, very picturesque venue, a great catering staff and a fabulous florist, what more can a gal ask for?  Well, someone to help me deliver the cakes, actually.  This is the first wedding delivery I have done on my own. My baker Hannah met me at the kitchen to load the cakes and Aaron from Fantasy and Fairytale Floral Design helped me unload at the venue but the  hour and a half drive was solo. Just me and a tall tall cake. Oh, and a long gravel drive at the end (never fails here in Texas). 
But, we all made it and from what I hear today, all was happy and smiles at the end of the evening. 

Check out the venue on Facebook, they are such nice owners:
The Venue at Orchard Farms

and make sure to visit Paddy and Aaron's site to see more of their stunning florals:
Fantasy and Fairytale Floral Designs
They are so good at what they do!

Black and Gold Catering from Arp catered the event and they were really, really nice to work with.

Here are some pictures of the venue, the flowers and of course---the cakes!

Buttercream finish with fondant bow, piped lace to mimic the lace on her dress, edible sequins and pearls.      

The Dress that inspired the cake.
And the Groom's cake. Chocolate with chocolate buttercream. Edible truck with melted chocolate "mud hole".

A gorgeous day for a gorgeous bride!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day of the Dead wedding cake for Tabitha.

I love doing unusual cakes and when I got an e-mail from a bride asking for a Day of the Dead wedding cake, of course, I got super happy about it. Then I glanced at the date of the wedding and it was needed in one week.
I really, really wanted to do it so I said yes, but told the bride that it would be a lot of work and I would do the best I could in the time I had but it was just not enough time to give it justice. She then responded that the date was a YEAR and a week away (I obviously didn't look at the date closely enough).  Oh, well, in that case----it will be totally awesome!
It makes my day when a bride gets ecstatic over her cake when I deliver.  Tabitha's reaction when we arrived with her cake made my Entire Week. (And, now I look at the year a lot closer when brides send me their wedding date).

Sugar skull molds from Amazon (love Amazon Prime 2 day delivery).

Two down and 1 to go.  In the background, working on roses and bows for another cake.
I was going to Google some designs for the skull decoration but (great timing!) the bride posted a picture on Facebook of a skull scarf that a good friend gave her. Perfect! I asked for a picture and voila- a design that is not only very pretty but has personal meaning for her! Doesn't get much better than that folks.
In progress. Note the print out of the scarf in the background.
Sugar roses and Gerbera daisies in the wedding colors.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

That's a cake????

Two of my favorite things to hear when I deliver a cake:
"That's so gorgeous (beautiful, awesome, fabulous etc.)!"
"That's a cake????"

I got both yesterday. HA!

Which was nice ending to this wedding delivery since a tornado ripped through our neighborhood Thursday evening while I was out and about downtown. Not only was I worried about my house and kitchen (my inspected commercial kitchen is right next door to my home), but also the venue for the wedding is just a 1/2 mile away.
Visions of ruined kitchen and cakes (not to mention my house), ruined outdoor venue, ruined wedding day for my bride, and just allover bad visions were running through my head as we rushed back home when we heard the sirens going off. Yes, my husband rushed TO the tornado.

House and kitchen were okay and the venue was good too. Yay!
And when we delivered the cakes I got two "That's a cake????" comments for the groom's cake and more than one version of "So beautiful!" for the wedding cake.  Not too shabby since there were only about 6 people at the venue at the time. (Insert Happy Face emoticon here).

Flowers on cake by LaBella Bloom.

The top of this cake was made of sugar, airbrushed, the fondant lettering was cut out by hand and the "CW" logo was hand-painted. The side labels were edible images.

This is the groom's pocketknife recreated in sugar. The board is covered in fondant, textured and painted to mimic wood.

Groom's cake for a drummer boy.

This cake was very near and dear to my heart since both the groom, the groom's brother and my son marched for the Pittsburg Band (which I must say is a pretty Awesome Band).

This groom drummed and marched with his older brother (he was a freshman and his brother a senior) and the music on this cake is from one of the military pieces they marched to together.  The arrangement is called "Honey Boys on Parade". I called the band director and he sent me a shot of the sheet music.

The drumsticks are made of sugar and the music is edible also.
The table was set up by the groom's mother and really set off the cake.  I have included a picture from inside the venue (The train depot in Omaha, Texas-Building 67) which I had never been to and this is the venues first wedding.  Very rustic and very different from your barn setting! The setting was beautiful! Here is a link to their Facebook page.

Cake has a buttercream finish with edible image music sheets, fondant stripes and music notes..

Drumsticks are made of sugar.

Love the arrangement especially the "aged" sheet music table runner made by the groom's mother.
So cute!
Omaha train depot.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Where The Wild Things Are cake for the Longview Library Chautauqua Festival 2015

So, in my Top Ten places to be (pretty near the top), is the Longview Library. To say that I am a bookworm is most certainly an understatement. I got a phone call a couple of months ago about donating/entering a cake in this year's festival. I got over-the-top jumping around excited about it and immediately knew that I wanted to make a cake with the "Where The Wild Things Are" theme. This is one of my all time favorite children's books. Max and the monsters are great! Lovelovelove Maurice Sendak's art.
I am seriously thinking of painting my grandchildren's room (when I get them) in this theme.
Okay, it may freak the little ankle biters out a little, but hey, toughen up.

 So here is the cake build-  TA-DAAA!
Rough sketch of idea.

Here is the copper armature ready for the rice-krispy treats.

Built up figure with rice-krispies and modeling chocolate. The book boards are made of cut/glued foam core board.

Airbrushed monster in progress.

Modeling his face.

Getting royal icing for his shaggy hair. Note the propane torch in the background. Yes, that is how we roll. This kitchen ain't for the faint-hearted.

Hannah using fondant to create a "wood" textured table.

Carving the cake.

Crumb-coated and ready for icing.

Getting iced.

Fondant added and textured to mimic pages.

Almost there....hand-painting the pages.

and last touch because I can't stop myself.

And. Done.

Big Thank You's go out to the ladies at the Longview Library (you know who you are) for asking me to participate. Great fun to make.
And now I have some wedding cakes to deliver.

Check out the Library festival page here: