Sunday, April 12, 2015

That's a cake????

Two of my favorite things to hear when I deliver a cake:
"That's so gorgeous (beautiful, awesome, fabulous etc.)!"
"That's a cake????"

I got both yesterday. HA!

Which was nice ending to this wedding delivery since a tornado ripped through our neighborhood Thursday evening while I was out and about downtown. Not only was I worried about my house and kitchen (my inspected commercial kitchen is right next door to my home), but also the venue for the wedding is just a 1/2 mile away.
Visions of ruined kitchen and cakes (not to mention my house), ruined outdoor venue, ruined wedding day for my bride, and just allover bad visions were running through my head as we rushed back home when we heard the sirens going off. Yes, my husband rushed TO the tornado.

House and kitchen were okay and the venue was good too. Yay!
And when we delivered the cakes I got two "That's a cake????" comments for the groom's cake and more than one version of "So beautiful!" for the wedding cake.  Not too shabby since there were only about 6 people at the venue at the time. (Insert Happy Face emoticon here).

Flowers on cake by LaBella Bloom.

The top of this cake was made of sugar, airbrushed, the fondant lettering was cut out by hand and the "CW" logo was hand-painted. The side labels were edible images.

This is the groom's pocketknife recreated in sugar. The board is covered in fondant, textured and painted to mimic wood.

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