Saturday, April 11, 2015

Where The Wild Things Are cake for the Longview Library Chautauqua Festival 2015

So, in my Top Ten places to be (pretty near the top), is the Longview Library. To say that I am a bookworm is most certainly an understatement. I got a phone call a couple of months ago about donating/entering a cake in this year's festival. I got over-the-top jumping around excited about it and immediately knew that I wanted to make a cake with the "Where The Wild Things Are" theme. This is one of my all time favorite children's books. Max and the monsters are great! Lovelovelove Maurice Sendak's art.
I am seriously thinking of painting my grandchildren's room (when I get them) in this theme.
Okay, it may freak the little ankle biters out a little, but hey, toughen up.

 So here is the cake build-  TA-DAAA!
Rough sketch of idea.

Here is the copper armature ready for the rice-krispy treats.

Built up figure with rice-krispies and modeling chocolate. The book boards are made of cut/glued foam core board.

Airbrushed monster in progress.

Modeling his face.

Getting royal icing for his shaggy hair. Note the propane torch in the background. Yes, that is how we roll. This kitchen ain't for the faint-hearted.

Hannah using fondant to create a "wood" textured table.

Carving the cake.

Crumb-coated and ready for icing.

Getting iced.

Fondant added and textured to mimic pages.

Almost there....hand-painting the pages.

and last touch because I can't stop myself.

And. Done.

Big Thank You's go out to the ladies at the Longview Library (you know who you are) for asking me to participate. Great fun to make.
And now I have some wedding cakes to deliver.

Check out the Library festival page here:

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